Address Your Beard Hair Loss Using NeoGraft Treatment

Side,View,Portrait,Of,Thinking,Stylish,Young,Man,Looking,Away A full beard is a point of pride for a lot of men. They love the rugged dimension it adds to their appearance and consider it an asset that enhances their masculine appeal. Unfortunately, beards are not exempt from experiencing hair loss. You may be caught off guard by your beard hair loss and struggle to come up with a solution. Remember that NeoGraft® can serve as the solution to that problem. Learn why you’re losing beard hair and how NeoGraft can address it by continuing below.

Why Are You Experiencing Beard Hair Loss?

Although there are a few potential explanations for your beard hair loss, the most likely explanation remains a case of alopecia areata. Since it’s affecting your beard specifically, the condition may also be known as alopecia barbae. Regardless of what it’s called, this autoimmune condition causes your immune system to target your hair follicles. Your beard hairs may fall out due to those attacks, leaving you with bald patches.

As of now, the exact causes of alopecia areata remain unknown. However, genetics do make people more likely to develop that condition. If someone in your family has that condition, you should also prepare for it.

How Can NeoGraft Treat Beard Hair Loss?

When considering treatment options for your beard hair loss, don’t gloss over NeoGraft. NeoGraft is a hair restoration device that uses Follicular Unit Extraction to cover bald patches. Once NeoGraft is used, it takes terminal hairs from other parts of your body and implants them into your bald spots. It also carefully separates the hairs before implanting them to ensure they provide a natural look.

Restoring your beard using NeoGraft presents minimal discomfort. Recovery time for NeoGraft is also on the short side because it’s a non-invasive treatment.

Partner With West End Hair Restoration for Your Beard Hair Loss Treatment

The NeoGraft team at West End Hair Restoration can effectively address your beard hair loss. Work with Dr. Paul Ruff IV and/or Dr. Lexie Wang to get the most out of your NeoGraft treatment. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure that your hair restoration treatment delivers stellar results. Book an appointment with West End Hair Restoration by calling 202-785-4187 or using this contact form.


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