Am I a Good Candidate for an Eyebrow Transplant?

Sexy Female Model With Fingers Near Face The anatomy of your eyebrows can influence your appearance in many ways. Conventionally, eyebrows are known to give your face a symmetrical look by giving your upper eyes a frame. But if you are dealing with a diminished or overplucked brow, you might think of an eyebrow transplant.

You might consider going for an eyebrow transplant if you were involved in an accident that affected your eye area. West End Plastic Surgery restorative treatments can help restore your eyebrows for the perfect look.

An eyebrow transplant is also a great restorative option for individuals who may have lost their eyebrows after laser hair removal or scarring. If you have undesirable tattoos or face the effects of over-plucking, you’re also a good candidate for an eyebrow transplant.

Some individuals generally have thin eyebrows, and transplants can help achieve a fuller brow appearance.

At West End Plastic Surgery, surgeons normally require patients to have sufficient donor hair for harvesting and transplanting. The ideal candidate requiring a transplant should have good matching hair that can be donated. Hairs are normally taken from the neck’s nape or the back of the head. Therefore, the best candidate is one with the same color hair on the scalp and eyebrows.

After undergoing the eyebrow transplant, patients are normally advised to follow up with the recommended maintenance. The donor’s hair doesn’t automatically grow to become an eyebrow since it emulates its genetics. Therefore, plastic surgeons at West End Plastic Surgery often recommend regular trimming.

The eyebrow transplant is a safe and non-invasive procedure. You can leave once you’re done with the transplant. While you can return to your daily routine almost immediately, most patients prefer waiting until the side effects of the procedure subside.

Contact West End Plastic Surgery at 202-516-6327, Washington, DC, to learn more about eyebrow transplants and other hair restoration procedures. You can also schedule a consultation by visiting Scheduling a consultation is indeed the best way to ascertain whether you’re a good candidate for an eyebrow transplant.


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