Are NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatments Painful?

pretty woman laughing and having fun on the street at nice summer day Hair loss can affect anyone, regardless of gender or age. Whether caused by trauma or injury, or genetics, the loss or thinning of your hair can have a significant and negative impact on your self-image and confidence. Although some at-home treatments and creams can help regrow hair, these are not always successful, especially when there is significant loss or thinning of hair.

Hair restoration surgery can safely and effectively replace more significant areas of hair loss and can often create thicker and more natural-looking hair. Traditionally, hair restoration surgery involves a “strip” method. While under general anesthesia, your surgeon would remove a strip of your scalp with thicker growing hair and suture it in a place where the hair was thinning or bald.

Although this method is largely successful, it is conducted under general anesthesia and comes with certain risks. Since a larger area of your scalp is sutured in place, should the hair replacement not be successful, you might be left with a scar line that can be the tell-tale sign of hair restoration surgery.

At West End Hair Restoration Center, Dr. Paul Ruff and the team specialize in the NeoGraft system for hair restoration. Instead of removing larger areas of the scalp and transplanting to other regions, the NeoGraft system uses pneumatic pressure to remove only 4 hair follicles at a time and grafts them in place where needed.

This system allows Dr. Ruff to be much more selective about which hair follicles are removed and where to graft them into place. This helps to create a more gradual and natural look to both the new hair site and the area where the hair follicles were harvested.

Not only does this reduce the chance of visible scarring, but this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Most patients who undergo the NeoGraft treatment report no pain at all during the session. However, there might be some soreness that usually goes away within a day or so following the treatment.

Do not wait to get a hair restoration consultation. Call West End Hair Restoration Center in Washington, D.C., at 202-785-4187 or visit to schedule an appointment and see how NeoGraft can help you.


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