Why NeoGraft is Effective for Women

Senior beautiful woman standing in front of mirror looking in her hair. Hair loss is an issue that is normally associated with men. However, contrary to what most people think, hair loss also affects women. At West End Hair Restoration Center, we understand the challenges women face when they experience hair loss, even at a young age. And that’s one of the main reasons why we offer NeoGraft for women.

How NeoGraft Benefits Women

For centuries, hair transplant treatments have been there for both men and women. However, there’s a huge difference between traditional treatment options and today’s medically advanced solutions. For instance, back in the day, hair loss treatments for men and women are mainly invasive with longer downtime. Hair transplant methods also left scars on the donor regions. These reasons raised concerns among most women, and most were skeptical about the procedure.

How NeoGraft Hair Transplant Works

NeoGraft uses an Automated Hair-Transplantation System that uses modern innovative technology to make hair transplantation less painful with a shorter recovery period.

The procedure involves harvesting hair follicles from the scalp and transplanting them to the affected area. After transplanting is complete, hair should continue to grow on the scalp that was once bald or affected by hair loss.


For most women, hair is a symbol of beauty and femininity. The loss of hair usually leaves most women feeling less confident about their looks, which leads to emotional stress. Hair loss can occur due to aging, weight loss, stress, medical conditions like thyroid disorders, or hormonal changes like menopause or pregnancy.

Irrespective of your reasons for hair loss, it’s worth noting that NeoGraft can help to ensure hair grows on your scalp again. The best part is that this procedure is less painful than conventional hair transplantation.

Dr. Lexi Wang at West End Hair Restoration Center can help you achieve your goals without worrying about how long you might take to recover. As you’ve seen, NeoGraft is gentler and allows for faster recovery.

Call us today at 202-785-4187 or visit https://westendhairrestoration.com/ to learn more about our hair restoration services in Washington, D.C.


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