Cause and Treatment Options for Postpartum Hair Loss

Attractive,Asian,Woman,Serious,About,Her,Brush,For,Presentation,Hair Among the joy of having a baby, many women also find themselves struggling with how their body changes after pregnancy and childbirth. Postpartum hair loss is common, but the good news is that it typically resolves within a year.

While it is normal for new moms to experience hair loss after childbirth, there are some ways to support a fast recovery. In this post, we will look more closely at the cause of postpartum hair loss and offer suggestions for achieving fuller, healthier hair.

Why Does Your Hair Get Thinner After Having a Baby?

In your third trimester of pregnancy, estrogen levels rise in preparation for childbirth. After your baby arrives, the hormone levels begin to fall. Decreased estrogen leads to higher levels of androgens, such as testosterone, which can lead to excessive shedding and thinning.

In most cases, women’s hair returns to normal after several months as their body’s hormone levels readjust. However, some may notice more enduring hair loss that requires professional treatment.

The Role of Estrogen in Healthy Hair

Postpartum hair loss is characterized by overall thinning and volume loss instead of the patchiness of alopecia areata. Estrogen affects the hair follicles and shaft in various ways, including:

  • Strengthening hair during the anagen (growth) phase
  • Contributing to fuller, healthier-looking hair
  • Regulating sebum production that nourishes the scalp

Postpartum hair shedding typically resolves within 6 to 12 months. However, there are treatment options that may help women restore lost volume sooner.

How to Treat Postpartum Hair Loss

Most cases do not require professional treatment. As your body’s estrogen levels return to normal, you will likely notice your hair quality and texture return to normal. However, for new moms struggling with persistent female hair loss in Washington, D.C., our experienced team of doctors and medical professionals use FDA-approved NeoGraft® technology for women. NeoGraft uses the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to transplant healthy hair follicles to parts of the scalp with noticeable hair loss.

Additional ways to manage thinning hair and shedding after childbirth include:

  • Using gentle shampoos and conditioners to avoid scalp irritation
  • Brushing once per day with a soft-bristled brush to avoid tearing the hair
  • Sleeping on a silk pillowcase
  • Considering a postpartum supplement that can boost nutrient intake and help regulate hormone levels faster

Reach Out to Us for Support

Drs. Lexie Wang and Paul G. Ruff IV offer specialized care for patients struggling with all types of hair loss. Each is board-certified and highly trained in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Please call us at 202-785-4187 or request an appointment online. We eagerly await the chance to help you feel more beautiful in your body.


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